The Map

map of the village

The map of the Village, through a aerial photo, helps those unfamiliar with the Roller Club... choose the accommodation to make the reservation. The map Zone, facilitates the understanding of the area of the Village to which it refers because each zone has a name. Centrale, near the Restaurant; Venere near the Swimming pool; etc.




Map Legend

1.Reception  2.Rooms Centrale Area  3."Roller" Restaurant  4.Villette  5.Bicamere Centrale Area  6.Bazar 
7.Bar  8.Amphitheater  9.Sunset Boulevard  10.Swimming Pool  11.Beach Entrance  12."Roller" Beach
13.Kids club  14.Rooms Marengo Area  15.Rooms Marengo Plus, Monolocali and Monolocali Grandi Marengo Area 
16.Rooms Venere Area  17.Rooms Venere Piscina Plus  18.Bicamere Venere Area
19.The Torre Ruffa (ancient watchtower against the Saracens)
20.Rooms Upper Area  21.Monolocali Upper Area  22.Monolocali Grandi Upper Area
23.Parking  24.Self-service washing machines  25.Rooms Aranceto Area  26.Bicamere Aranceto Area    
27.Soccer field natural grass  28.Basketball Court   29.Tennis Court at 300 mt 








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