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Restaurant "Roller"

The Buffet Restaurant offers a wide choice of typical dishes of the best Italian and Calabrian cuisine every day.

The variety and particularity of appetizers, side dishes, first and second courses of meat and fish proposed by our Chefs allows us to satisfy the tastes of everybody with inviting, tasty and genuine dishes.


There is a baby kitchen corner, open half an hour before the service, useful for mothers for the quick preparation of meals for their younger children. The Chef provides basic products such as vegetable broth, cooked vegetables, fresh sauce, small pasta, olive oil, tea, chamomile, biscuits and long-life milk (baby food, cheese, liquid and powder infant milk, specific products are not available). Mothers will have a small stove, sink, bottle warmer, microwave oven, blender, small pots at their disposal.


The Restaurant consists of two rooms, a much larger one where the buffets are located and a smaller and more reserved one.The large room is set up with tables for four, six and eight seats while the small room with tables up to four seats.


Buffet service is fully assisted by our kitchen and dining room staff. All buffets, set up with adequate dividing protections, guarantee the absence of any public contact with dishes and food. 


The Roller Restaurant offers the service to Guests who benefit from the Hotel Full Board and Half Board treatment.


Depending on the periods and the availability of seats in the restaurant, it is also possible for the Guests in Formula Residence to access it for lunch and / or dinner, for a fee, by booking a single meal at the Reception.






On a splendid terrace in Torre Ruffa**** Plus Area, the restaurant offers a various traditional and regional cuisine, where the pleasure of taste and flavours get along with the magnificent panorama of our sea.


Ristomare "Torre Ruffa" offers Buffet service. Courses are served by our chefs and waiters. The restaurant is at the service for our Torre Ruffa**** Plus guests who have Full and Half Board and B&B treatments.


Guests from other areas of our Village can book a table , by buying a ticket meal at the Reception.

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