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The entertainment activities

The entertainment activities to the Roller Club are very loved and followed are many, engaging and funny. But it is equally true that those who want to live total relax in the Village can do so without being required to participate.
This is also why our Village is always so loved. 
During the day there are various activities Fitness, body Awakening on Sunset Boulevard in the morning, Water aerobics in the swimming pool late, Aerobics in the Amphitheatre in the afternoon and Dances Latin Americans in the late afternoon.
The Mini Club and Junior Club allows children and adolescents to know each and having fun together.
For all, Sports tournaments Soccer, Beach Volleyball and Bowls well as those ping-pong table, football table and card games to stimulate competition and  give rise to real friendships.
The evening shows, from Cabaret to Comedies, the Musical shows and Games to teams conclude a day of sea with the greatest satisfaction.
Because the holiday is known that it ends but the memories, those remain….


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