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The Roller Club Village Hotel is located directly by the sea in Calabria, on the Tyrrhenian coast, in Capo Vaticano and just 8 km from Tropea. The Village extends in width and height. It is composed of two distinct parts: Lower area and Upper area.

The Lower area is all on the sea and constitutes most of the Village; there are various types of Full board and Half board Rooms such as the Standard, Plus, Bicamere and the Torre Ruffa*** Plus Area where the is also possible B&B treatment. In the Lower Area can be find also Apartments in Residence formula such as the Villette, the Monolocali grandi and the Monolocali. It is immersed in the green of the gardens and beside the beach there are all the services and the beating heart of the whole Village.

The Upper area
, on the other hand, is a part raised above the sea and for this reason it is reached by a comfortable 90-step garden staircase positioned inside the Village near the Restaurant, the Swimming pool and the Beach. It is a very pleasant area because it is panoramic and quiet, also immersed in greenery, where you will find Standard Hotel Rooms and Apartments in Residence like Monolocali and Monolocali Grandi. There is the ancient Torre Ruffa, a historical monument which gives its name to the whole area and which dominates imperiously facing the sea.


It is easy to walk inside the Roller Club Village with its small alleys: there is the Contrada Aranceto "Pet Friendly" Area, where there is a soccer field and the "Piloto Diving" nautical centre, then there's the Centrale Avenue, where there are the Reception and the Restaurant, then the Sea Route that takes you on the Beach and the Avenue of Venere to get to the Pool, the ladder to climb in the Upper area and the Contrada Marengo where there are the Beach and the Miniclub and then finish at the Sunset Boulevard and find yourself at the Bar and the Amphitheater to enjoy a drink in front of magnificent views of Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands that are right in front.


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