The uniqueness and wonder of our stretch of coast called, not surprisingly, the "Coast of the Gods", offers sea lovers the opportunity to see and visit a large number of magnificent and thrilling places by sea. Places where the transparency of the waters rich in fish, the variety of sandy and rocky bottoms and the many small and particular inlets dominated by steep cliffs blend with a landscape full of charm for its millenary history.
The "Piloto Diving", with a nautical base within the Roller Club Village, offers a range of services ranging from diving courses, guided dives, rubber dinghy and taxi boat rental to coast-to-coast excursions from Tropea / Capo Vaticano and to the "Murenario "of Sant'Irene in Briatico. And also full day excursions to Scilla and many other destinations.


Connect to the website www.pilotodiving.it
For informations and reservations:
mobile phone: +39 338 9272082   -  +39 350 9085955





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